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Genuine Nashua's Rich and Colourful History


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California Gold Rush | Miners Playing Cards

Founded | New England

Nashua’s journey started in the USA in 1849 as the Nashua Card & Glazed Paper Company. Technical Innovation drove our growth, every step of the way, as Nashua was established as a Global Corporation. An early success was the production and distribution of playing cards for Californian miners who had been gripped by the gold rush fever. Even today Nashua is still known in some quarters as The Card Shop. Nashua increased the understanding of print substrates further and created the markets for waxed paper, coated print media, and adhesive tapes, which we went on to lead.



Early Duplicator

Innovative Products During the Depression & Beyond

Nashua's focus of zero waste in manufacturing was ahead of its time and helped insulate the corporation from the impact of the global depression of the 1930s. Nashua’s Nirvana brand of paper became a market leader. Nashua was one of the first to manufacture telegraph tape as communication technologies took a quantum step forward. Nashua’s investment in R&D outpaced the competitors and by 1940 Nashua had produced it’s first thermal papers.

Piles of Paper



Early Continuous Copier

New Office Products Division

In 1961, Nashua created it’s Office Products Division and began manufacturing photocopy paper and formulating toners and developers. That same year, Nashua made it’s first European acquisition with Copycat Ltd of London, UK, and began to expand internationally. New innovations in toner and developer helped Nashua become a strategic technology partner to the OEMs of the day. In 1965 Nashua became an OEM, by introducing the world's first continuous paper copier. Yet more investment in toners, developers, photoconductor drums and matching papers led to the launch of a new series of copiers that sold around the world. By 1966 revenues had climbed to $65MM (the equivalent to $525MM today).



Copier & Toner Benchmark Year!

In 1967 Nashua’s new series of copier toners became an industry benchmark for quality and performance. In 1968, Nashua’s “220” copier model set new standards in reliability. In the years that followed, Nashua became the leading copier manufacturer in many countries and by the 1990s Nashua was the world's largest independent toner and developer manufacturer, supplying the likes of HP, IBM and Ricoh. Today Nashua offers Genuine Nashua supplies for use in the most important printers, copiers and MFPs in the market. 

Copier & Toner Benchmark Year!

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Famous Nashua River, New Hampshire USA

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